Originally a native of Seattle, Washington, Sean Radford has spent the majority of his life with a guitar in his hands. Throughout the 1990's, Sean played all over the West Coast of the United States, making a name for himself as a hired gun and studio musician. In the early 2000's, Sean moved to Europe to continue his music career. After returning to the United States, Sean worked with several bands on the West Coast, some of which garnered significant interest from major record labels like Warner and Sony. In 2011, Sean moved to South Florida. Since then, he has worked with several Nashville-based country music artists, performing hundreds of times all over the United States. He currently plays guitar with Powerhouse, which performs for special events all over the world for major political, corporate, and celebrity clients. Sean is also the guitarist for Wellington, Florida, campus of Life.Church, which is America's largest network church organization. An avid supporter of music education, Sean has taught guitar professionally since 1991. He currently owns and operates Radford Guitar, a music instruction and music business consulting company located in Wellington, FL. 

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